Commissions and Remodelling

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If you thinking of having a piece of jewellery made for a Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Engagement, or just a lovely piece for yourself, then please don't hesitate to contact Lorna for an informal chat.

You can contact Lorna by phone or email to make an appointment,  but if you don't live near Edinburgh, then it's still possible to go through designs and ideas via email, she creates beautiful pieces for people all round the world.

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It's always an advantage to have a rough idea of the sort of piece you would like made. You can either browse Lorna's site to see if there is anything there that strikes you. Have a look at her previous customer commissions in the PHOTO GALLERY, alternatively you can show Lorna your own ideas and pictures.  If you don't really know, then don't worry,  that's not a problem, you can discuss different aspects of what you like with Lorna can then she draw some designs for you to choose from.

After the initial consultation, and once Lorna has all the required details, she will then work a quote out for you which she will email to you within 2 days, and you can take your time to decide whether it is something you would like to go ahead with.

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Once you have decided to go ahead and have the piece made, then a 50% deposit is required in order to proceed. Each piece will normally take between 4-6 weeks for completion, but some more complicated pieces may take up to 10 weeks so please plan ahead if you have an event you would like it for.



If you are wanting a piece remodelled then the process will be the same. Usually silver is not reworkable if you are wanting something melted down and remodelled, but Lorna may still accept it as scrap. If you have any scrap gold or platinum, then you can either use this in the design itself if it is of sentimental value, or Lorna can give you the scrap value against the price of the piece. If you would like to re-use stones from an existing piece of jewellery, or if you have loose stones, she would be happy to incorporate them into your design for you, otherwise Lorna can source stones for you.



Most people naturally ask right away how much a piece of jewellery will cost. Each piece is different depending on which metals are used, if there are any stones required, the size of the stones and how many are to be used, what finger or wrist size or length and type of chain you want etc, and if you have any scrap to use which Lorna will have to test and weigh, so there is never an easy answer. This is why she allows herself approximately 2 days to take the time and find all these things out for you before giving you an accurate quote.