Sentimental remodelled jewellery


Do you have a precious and beloved wedding band which means so much to you but you’re not sure what to do with it?  Lorna can encapsulate it into a more wearable and contemporary ring, without altering its its original pattern and historical markings. If it has an old faded pattern, or precious engraving on the inside, it can be encapsulated in a 'Sentiment Ring', in any of the styles below. If you have stones from other jewellery,  it may be possible to incorporate them into the piece as well. Alternatively Lorna can source stones for you.  Just let her know what stone colours you like  and what metal you would like the 'Sentiment Ring' made in, and she will email you a quote.

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sentiment ring



Alternatively, if you aren't a ring wearer, you could have your ring made into a pendant which would keep it close to your heart on a daily basis, adding stones to the bail or keeping it simple. As with the ring, you can choose which precious metal or stones to use, and modify it to your own style and taste.

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