Lorna Hewitt is an Edinburgh based jeweller who has been in the business for 30 years and specialises in beautiful handmade commissioned pieces as well as jewellery remodelling. Her bespoke jewellery is created in her studio near The Shore in Leith, Edinburgh. She specialises in hand made engagement rings and shaped wedding bands, as well as dress rings and eternity rings, but can make any piece of jewellery you would like and in any precious metal or stone (silver, yellow and white gold, palladium and platinum).


For a truly individual piece,  involve yourself in the creative process, and commission Lorna to design and custom make something unique to your requirements. She also designs and creates a range of her own pieces to choose from, so if you are not sure what you are looking for you can choose from her current collection of handmade pieces, selecting the materials, stones and finish to reflect your personal style, or book in for a consultation where Lorna is happy to discuss ideas and give further advice, along with working out a quote for your unique piece.


Lorna also provides a remodelling service. If you have pieces of jewellery in a drawer that you no longer wear, or have inherited cherished sentimental pieces of jewellery but they are not quite your style, you can incorporate the stones or gold or platinum in to a new design to reflect your own character and lifestyle, or have them remade in to something new for a loved one. Please call or email to book a consultation.

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Terms and Conditions: Please note that, while Lorna will use her best professional endeavours to advise you regarding the suitability of gemstones and metal provided by you for remodelling purposes, she accepts no liability whatsoever for any preexisting deficiencies which may result in porosity, damage or breakage.