The Perfect Gift


The Perfect Gift

This is simply the most fantastic stylish gift which shows a huge amount of consideration and taste on your behalf and is easy to buy from the comfort of your own home. 

Give your loved one the gift of a gem such as a diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, or even a coloured diamond. They can then come to Lorna and commission her to design and make their very own piece of jewellery.

If you would like to buy them the whole experience you can contact Lorna to work out a bundle cost, or you can buy Lorna Hewitt Jewellery vouchers towards the cost of the piece of jewellery. This beautiful personalised gift box is suitable for both men and women, and can really make any occasion very special.

This gift box is ideal if you want to get engaged and want to PROPOSE but don't know which ring to buy your loved one or what finger size they are. Why not propose with a beautiful diamond? If you are taking them somewhere special to propose, this is a handy sized box that you can easily slip into a travel bag! Once you have celebrated your day, you can both come back at your leasure and commission Lorna to design a ring round the gem, which will be unique to you both.

This is perfect for so many more occasionions! Fantastic if you are celebrating an ANNIVERSARY, a special BIRTHDAY such as a 21st birthday, a CHRISTENING, as an amazing CHRISTMAS present, or you would like to give something amazing to the one youLOVE or who is very SPECIAL to you! 

You Choose

Make up your own personalised gift box for that special person in your life, sellecting your unique diamond, or diamond multiples. You choose the shape, size and colour. Then choose the colour of magnifying eye loop from red, green, blue or black to fit your special occasion. 

The recipient of this fantastic gift can then come to Lorna Hewitt Jewellery to commission their very own piece of unique jewellery which will be designed round their beautiful gem. They can sit down with Lorna in her Edinburgh studio and discuss ideas and designs, and be involved in the design process where they can have a say on what they would love made. If they don't live near Edinburgh, Lorna can still make something very special and unique for them.

The price you will get quoted will be for the gem in the gift box only. If you would like to pay for a piece of jewelley to be made for the recipient as well, you can buy vouchers towards the piece or email Lorna and she can work out a package price for you.


Each personalised gift box has a sentiment printed in gold foil in a hand written script on the inside lid, and contains a diamond of your choice, perspex box with a magnetic lid in which to hold your gem, a magnifying eye loop to look at the gem, a pair of sprung gem gripper tweezers, and a personal greetings card in which to write your own message. 

Choose from the following






Or with the stylish 'LORNA HEWITT LOGO' logo printed on the inside lid.


You can then choose the colour of your eye loop for any diamond sizes from 0.25ct to 0.50ct in size. Silver coloured loops will be reserved for 0.50ct-1ct dimonds, and gold coloured loops for 1ct upwards, unless these customers prefer a coloured loop as well.

This stylish black box is both classic and sleek, and is lined internally with black velvet lining. It measures 155mm x 110mm x 33mm in size, and is light in weight, which makes it perfect for slipping in to hand luggage should you want to surprise a loved one on holiday!

Other precious gem stones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds, or birthstones, are available to order if you would prefer them to diamonds. Please email your enquiry.

Prices and Certified Diamonds

Prices start from £250 for a 0.10ct diamond. Certified diamonds will generally start from 0.30ct in size, although there may be some slightly smaller certified diamonds available, and prices vary widely according to the cut, quality and colour. Uncertified diamonds are still fabulous stones, they are only uncertified because certificates don't get issued for smaller stones, this is a trade standard.

Please email your enquiry to [email protected] for prices and availability of stones, stating what size, and shape of diamond you would like, or alternatively which precious gem you would prefer in your box. Lorna can also work round your budget.


Free shipping for UK and international delivery via Royal Mail. If you would like delivery by courier please contact Lorna for a quote. Please allow  1-2 weeks for delivery (some stones may take longer). 


This presentation box has been created by Lorna Hewitt Jewellery as a personalised gift and contains a unique, individually selected precious gem, jeweller's loupe, gem tweezers and gift card. For this reason, you will appreciate prices are not comparable with any other gemstone site or retail outlet and no refunds will be given following receipt/delivery.

Those Gemstones sold as certificated have been examined by an internationally recognised professional body and cannot be refunded. Any exchanges are at the sole discretion of Lorna Hewitt Jewellery.